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November 2020


A FRENZY OF SPARKS is a thoughtful exploration of family, heartache, and ultimately carrying on. Set in the sixties in Queens—a time and place of intense transformation—Kristin Fields deftly tells the heartrending story of what addiction does to a family and exposes the dark underbelly of suburbia. Powerful and poignant, I didn’t want to leave the pages of this masterfully crafted book.

—Suzanne Redfearn, Amazon bestselling author of IN AN INSTANT

Through the eyes of a naive girl precariously balanced on the brink of womanhood, Fields expertly portrays the brutal and crushing devastation of addiction without ever losing sight of all that is beautiful and good. Profoundly moving and insightful—a book club must read!

---Kerry Anne King, bestselling author of WHISPER ME THIS and EVERYTHING YOU ARE

A deeply atmospheric novel that will have you turning the pages deep into the night,  A FRENZY OF SPARKS is your next must-read.

--- Catherine McKenzie bestselling author of HIDDEN and I'LL NEVER TELL

Kristin Fields evokes the rich historical landscape of Queens in the mid 1960s then bravely sweeps away the mists of nostalgia to reveal the fragile, unforgettable core of her characters and her story. Both quietly powerful and agonizingly beautiful, A Frenzy of Sparks enchants readers into holding an unquestioning belief in a beautiful façade before stripping it away to allow the unvarnished truth to appear. Devastating, haunting and poignant, this is one book you will not forget.

---Amber Cowie, author of RAVEN LANE

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Kristin Fields grew up in Queens, which she likes to think of as a small town next to a big city. Kristin studied writing at Hofstra University, where she was awarded the Eugene Schneider Award for Short Fiction. After college, Kristin found herself working on a historic farm, as a high school English teacher, designing museum education programs, and is currently leading an initiative to bring gardens to public schools in New York City. 



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